Declare Your Goods

Declare your goods:   Exotic dirt-danced shoes Brushing britches In a two-part tango Across a coast Designed by dancers Powdered streets with foreign footprints   Photographs of family Of friends Festivities Embossed in minds The blueprints of a future A finite forever   A blazer Saturated in salty scents Of minerals To set ablaze A… Continue reading Declare Your Goods


A General Direction

I was left breathless Hoping and wanting and finally loving The way you seemed to be looking In my general direction It was a crowded night Filling with people, intentions and drinks I saw the way you parted that sea To walk in my general direction You smiled and nodded A flicker of acknowledgement too… Continue reading A General Direction


A person has not the luxury of dispersion To mushroom and fade in the subtlest way It is not possible to become so innocuously beautiful A whisper of smoke or a lingering scent Could never have been such a clumsy form Coats of perfume and and fluttering voices Are mere approximations They are cheap substitutes… Continue reading Transience

An Expert Deposition

The most recent expert in existence I interviewed nodded as their shoulders shrugged, A non-linguistic interlocutory cue signalling the exact disposition we share, I shrug my coat on And nod to acquaintances I shrug my coat off And nod in acknowledgement; I concur with the expert -- it is impossible to know.

The Girl and the Graveyard

I aim for home between the rubble and the dust, Somewhere hidden underneath those messy layers My clothes and shoes and regrets, laid bare and dirty Mistakes I burrow myself within I must be hoping to build myself a home Since no one commits themselves to mass excavation unless they are looking for permanence There… Continue reading The Girl and the Graveyard