You Are Cardinal to Me

Last night I dreamt of you And my heart enlarged to twice its normal size My chestward lump protruding My eyes soaked in salt and sadness In it I had gone away And in it you had stayed I had other things in mind When you had passed away I worried, wearied over smaller things… Continue reading You Are Cardinal to Me


My Hopes for You, my Love

I hope that life, like a grand circus finale, catches you, at the moment you waver off kilter, teetering on the edge of certainty as the wind picks up momentum and the distance to the ground grows brave. I hope you find a foothold. I hope your limbs are sure and strong and lively enough… Continue reading My Hopes for You, my Love

Holding On

Trees shed their leaves much like our hands have fallen To our sides With no intention of holding on. We both continue, Our conversation sliced by colder knives, It turns stale in this autumn air And forms a softer crust Of leaves Beneath our feet And in the corners of our eyes The ones we… Continue reading Holding On

Welcome to my Blog: A Six-Part Story Involving Several Minor Crimes and the Cultivation of the Greatest Love of my Life

Part One: The Unveiling I remember, vividly, how my oldest sister bought me a novel when I was eight. Up until then I regarded books with spines as something sacred for adults, more so, if their covers were not illustrated in primary colours and their pages contained no pictures, you probably needed a license to… Continue reading Welcome to my Blog: A Six-Part Story Involving Several Minor Crimes and the Cultivation of the Greatest Love of my Life

Loving in Cold Weather

Soft skinned and bubbly, child, You are fresh faced and beautiful I want to hold you in safer arms and whisper sunny thoughts You should not be in storms like these These days of grey and choicelessness We stay inside to help ourselves Acquaint ourselves to biscuits, tea and knitted throws It’s not all bad… Continue reading Loving in Cold Weather

Little One

You were falling on your feet Unmoulded by the caress of shoes Soft to touch and touching softly So small and so determined Playtime was an art you never had to learn Coffee tables, roller coasters As your little feet would churn Unpredictable and unafraid You wore a new cape, trailblazing With curious eyes and… Continue reading Little One

A Two Person Poem

Her lashes bow towards her cheeks Holding things too lost for words Whistle, wine and waiter - irrelevant Life, name, all history making way for Taste Consumed it is trapped A tantalising Warm form of love that must have just been stirred It simmers in her soul Effervescence of her bloodlines Fumes of the experience… Continue reading A Two Person Poem