An Expert Deposition

The most recent expert in existence I interviewed nodded as their shoulders shrugged, A non-linguistic interlocutory cue signalling the exact disposition we share, I shrug my coat on And nod to acquaintances I shrug my coat off And nod in acknowledgement; I concur with the expert -- it is impossible to know.


My Hopes for You, my Love

I hope that life, like a grand circus finale, catches you, at the moment you waver off kilter, teetering on the edge of certainty as the wind picks up momentum and the distance to the ground grows brave. I hope you find a foothold. I hope your limbs are sure and strong and lively enough… Continue reading My Hopes for You, my Love


My life is smeared around me in books unshelved, clothes unfolded, bed unmade, My life is etherised. I float in atemporal headspace and daren’t pierce through the filmy layer of rarefied air enclosing me. I am enveloped, messily Imperfectly sealed and threatening to spread, out Amongst my possessions. I make myself smaller. I am not… Continue reading Pause