My dearly beloved, bullet train I was arrested in car number twelve From Osaka to Tokyo You had me at train now departing I've committed to memory Your clean blue and white lines They remind me of calmness And I sat transfixed As Japan rushed me by As if handmade, hand sculpted, hand nurtured By… Continue reading Hikari


Loving in Cold Weather

Soft skinned and bubbly, child, You are fresh faced and beautiful I want to hold you in safer arms and whisper sunny thoughts You should not be in storms like these These days of grey and choicelessness We stay inside to help ourselves Acquaint ourselves to biscuits, tea and knitted throws It’s not all bad… Continue reading Loving in Cold Weather


You are the origami craftsman cleverly concealing layers under folds. You only reveal your sharpest tips, Your strongest wits To protect inside those crumpled paper bits. It’s a little bit disconcerting, I should think, That beautiful’s only whole. But this whole time you’ve spent alive seems much entwined in building paper holds. And that, I… Continue reading Origami