I am patient zero, catching dream sequences at speeds exceeding three hundred kilometres per hour My heart does not race It sings, trembling For the way the world looks back into me The high speed whistle soothes Tunnels blanket me And window side I catch glimpses of unspeakable scenes: The trees are serene The rivers… Continue reading Shinkansen


You Are Cardinal to Me

Last night I dreamt of you And my heart enlarged to twice its normal size My chestward lump protruding My eyes soaked in salt and sadness In it I had gone away And in it you had stayed I had other things in mind When you had passed away I worried, wearied over smaller things… Continue reading You Are Cardinal to Me

My Hopes for You, my Love

I hope that life, like a grand circus finale, catches you, at the moment you waver off kilter, teetering on the edge of certainty as the wind picks up momentum and the distance to the ground grows brave. I hope you find a foothold. I hope your limbs are sure and strong and lively enough… Continue reading My Hopes for You, my Love

Holding On

Trees shed their leaves much like our hands have fallen To our sides With no intention of holding on. We both continue, Our conversation sliced by colder knives, It turns stale in this autumn air And forms a softer crust Of leaves Beneath our feet And in the corners of our eyes The ones we… Continue reading Holding On

Grasping the Ethereal

You reach arm deep into memories unstirrred to find A capsule, a hollow, a rounded space awaiting Soft to touch and cold to feel, it is ethereal And commonplace are reactions such as these: A startle, a quickening of breath tapered with realisation And a dozen pangs of wistfulness It is impossible to grip a… Continue reading Grasping the Ethereal


It blurs Like one hundred per cent candle lit moments And soft focus lighting Except, a little bit bluer Neither golden nor pink La vie n’est pas rose It is romantically not. It is defence mechanism, Insurance, a cardigan in summer I spread butter on hot toast Thinking of that particular sunshine And not the… Continue reading Unfocussed