You Are Cardinal to Me

Last night I dreamt of you

And my heart enlarged to twice its normal size

My chestward lump protruding

My eyes soaked in salt and sadness
In it I had gone away

And in it you had stayed

I had other things in mind

When you had passed away
I worried, wearied over smaller things

But you, the smallest in my mind, were largely left untouched

I left you for safekeeping in the arms of memory

Oh what a mistake, to trust such temporary means
You are the reason softness learned to grow

Why rivers learned to caress the earth

You season sunshine with your laughter

And my heart would sing when I held you
Beneath your arms, against your curious heart

You are cardinal to me, my lighthouse in the fog

You are the warmth I learned to hold flush against my chest

The love I nurtured from your beginning
When I returned, it was too late

After all, you had not stayed

And after all, I had not gone away


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