Little One

You were falling on your feet

Unmoulded by the caress of shoes

Soft to touch and touching softly

So small and so determined

Playtime was an art you never had to learn

Coffee tables, roller coasters

As your little feet would churn

Unpredictable and unafraid

You wore a new cape, trailblazing

With curious eyes and open heart

Strengthened by the unconditional

And you had plenty of things to say

With words of your own making

And laughter of your own

Like chasing bubbles in the sunshine

Or eating strawberries for the first time

Inquisitive in the light of new

Textures and tastes, the world had to be

Rearranged with smaller hands

In order to detect the phenomenon of fun

You are acquainted in deft measurements

Of the imprecise arm waving gestures

Followed by cries of affirmation:

This is what I like.

My reply:

I love you too.


For A, today, but also for always.


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