A Two Person Poem

Her lashes bow towards her cheeks

Holding things too lost for words

Whistle, wine and waiter – irrelevant

Life, name, all history making way for


Consumed it is trapped

A tantalising Warm

form of love that must

have just been stirred

It simmers in her soul

Effervescence of her bloodlines

Fumes of the experience industry


Pupils re-emerge,

Vision floats to surface,

When eyes lock.

And indeed her eyes are locked –

Out of a world so large and mysterious

that she cannot but retreat into the instant

To take solace in the second

Lost and gone forever she finds herself

Reflected in the eyes across the table

That ask, “Can I try some?”

Written in collaboration with J Bloom. Feature image is a draft handwritten by your local Lebenskrafter.


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