The Value of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is the vapour left after moments have been lived.
Existing incorporeally as intangibility and wisp
Gift-wrapped in the fog of memory,
And shrouded in comfort’s haze –
Space-time yields to the demands of thought:
Nostalgia can be warm,
Playful and exciting
Evoking summer’s recollections
Of iced desserts and sand-encrusted feet
The sticky marks of chocolate sweets
And icy lemonade
Desalination on your skin –
That salty scent infused
With sunscreen’s permeation
Your bucket hat, a crown,
Sandcastles, mystic realms
Bewitched by seaweed, salt, and sun.
Happiness is simple as nostalgia has us believe
And despite our longing we continue to believe.


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