Welcome to my Blog: A Six-Part Story Involving Several Minor Crimes and the Cultivation of the Greatest Love of my Life

Part One: The Unveiling I remember, vividly, how my oldest sister bought me a novel when I was eight. Up until then I regarded books with spines as something sacred for adults, more so, if their covers were not illustrated in primary colours and their pages contained no pictures, you probably needed a license to… Continue reading Welcome to my Blog: A Six-Part Story Involving Several Minor Crimes and the Cultivation of the Greatest Love of my Life



An immense grief anchors this city, tethering Hiroshima to its past. To be here is to carve your emotional real estate bare and lay it in offering. Such tragedy cannot be contained within one person. Hope for peace cannot be contained within one person. I had not known school children were mobilised during the war… Continue reading Hiroshima

Declare Your Goods

Declare your goods:   Exotic dirt-danced shoes Brushing britches In a two-part tango Across a coast Designed by dancers Powdered streets with foreign footprints   Photographs of family Of friends Festivities Embossed in minds The blueprints of a future A finite forever   A blazer Saturated in salty scents Of minerals To set ablaze A… Continue reading Declare Your Goods

A General Direction

I was left breathless Hoping and wanting and finally loving The way you seemed to be looking In my general direction It was a crowded night Filling with people, intentions and drinks I saw the way you parted that sea To walk in my general direction You smiled and nodded A flicker of acknowledgement too… Continue reading A General Direction


A person has not the luxury of dispersion To mushroom and fade in the subtlest way It is not possible to become so innocuously beautiful A whisper of smoke or a lingering scent Could never have been such a clumsy form Coats of perfume and and fluttering voices Are mere approximations They are cheap substitutes… Continue reading Transience

An Expert Deposition

The most recent expert in existence I interviewed nodded as their shoulders shrugged, A non-linguistic interlocutory cue signalling the exact disposition we share, I shrug my coat on And nod to acquaintances I shrug my coat off And nod in acknowledgement; I concur with the expert -- it is impossible to know.

The Girl and the Graveyard

I aim for home between the rubble and the dust, Somewhere hidden underneath those messy layers My clothes and shoes and regrets, laid bare and dirty Mistakes I burrow myself within I must be hoping to build myself a home Since no one commits themselves to mass excavation unless they are looking for permanence There… Continue reading The Girl and the Graveyard

The Rotary Clothesline

All the things that could be said hung like wet laundry on the rotary clothesline It's groaning under the weight of stain removal, odour extraction, Limp and heavy and soaking They've been cold washed trying to warm in late summer when sunshine just isn't that generous They were wrung out and wet again Tumbled and… Continue reading The Rotary Clothesline


My dearly beloved, bullet train I was arrested in car number twelve From Osaka to Tokyo You had me at train now departing I've committed to memory Your clean blue and white lines They remind me of calmness And I sat transfixed As Japan rushed me by As if handmade, hand sculpted, hand nurtured By… Continue reading Hikari

The View From Nunobiki or Somewhere Close to There

I see it all The trees and bushland on the edge of a city skyline, It is neighboured by a saltwater harbour, a gateway to the rest of the world, guarded by the mountainside which draws my breath from me To rustle autumn leaves and whistle through the branches I will imitate To reach Beyond… Continue reading The View From Nunobiki or Somewhere Close to There